How to Set up a WordPress Mobile Menu for Your Websites

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In this digital world, Everyone is browsing the internet through mobiles or tablets. With time shortage they want everything searched on the phone instead of a laptop. So it is very compulsory for every business to make WordPress mobile menu for better place on mobile phones as well as on tablets.

Earlier you see when you open any website on the phone it could be more user-friendly. Sometimes the text is misaligned or too many options fill the phone screen. This leads to low traffic on the website but now everyone is making their website mobile-friendly through the different menus so that they can gain more traffic and conversion rate on mobile also.

There are many which you to navigate directly to the website and the phone screen without any errors. A Mobile responsive menu helps your customer experience happiness and increase their retention period. There are many methods to make mobile responsive menu in WordPress by doing a mobile menu register, toggle menu display, ensuring mobile menu display, and creating and setting the mobile menu.

The best plugins to make WordPress mobile menu are:-

1. Responsive Menu

If you want to change many aspects of your website’s mobile navigational menu and gain traffic, without disturbing the original website menu you can download this plugin for free. These plugins allow you to customize many things like positions, color, size, positions, and many attributes which increases the user-friendly experience. With this plugin, you will get a lightweight and easy interface for WordPress startups. You can access animation menus and design the logo of your choice.

2. WP Responsive Menu

This is also a famous plugin to add a navigational menu to a WordPress site. This plugin allows working with any theme or framework without any hassle as well as you can customize the appearance and design of your choice.

Many features are included in this plugin like designing logos, hiding unnecessary items, enabling or disabling pinch to zoom, slide-out directions, etc. If you want more additional features for the growth of your business you can access to premium version also. To get these premium plugins you have to pay $26/per year with six-month support which you can easily extend at a minimal cost.

3. UberMenu

With this premium UberMenu you can do amazing customization in your WordPress navigation menus. With this tool, you can easily change the background, icons, layout, and category and add images to the menu subcategory. after customizing, you can also see the preview of the work which saves you time and effort. It is a great value to make your website navigation to the next level and control how the mobile user experiences your navigation menus.

4. WP Mobile Menu

This is the best solution for optimize your site for the mobile user. With this plugin, you get a fast, simple, and responsive menu that enhances the user site experience. If you want to start blogs, e-commerce sites, or business sites this plugin helps you a lot. Many supporting features like customize menus, text, logo, and 3-depth menu level. According to your preferences, you can go for free plans or take premium plans that cost $5 to $29 per month. With premium plans, you get additional features and customer support also.

5. QuadMenu

This plugin gives fast integration to help you to create many types of menus on WordPress. You can explore tons of features and filters to make your website more mobile user-friendly. Here you get automatic core integration, child themes, font awesome icons, and drag-and-drop functions. You can easily download it for free as well as for the premium version, you have to pay $15 to $60 for a lifetime license.


As smartphones are imagined as revolutionizing the entire world, it is becoming an essential part of the human body. They can’t imagine a single minute without a phone. Everybody wants to search or browse on a mobile phone, not on a laptop. So every business is transforming  for better traffic and conversion which helps in the growth of the company.

Now every WordPress site is responsive to mobile and also with simple plugins as well as through coding. It is very beneficial for you to gain engagement on-site as well as earn profits among your competitors. In markets, you get many plugins that help in making website mobile friendly with easy operation without any hassle.

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