Making the Most of Your Park Model Homes Spot

Hannah Baker
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We discussed some of your alternatives for locating a park model homes, such as RV parks, mobile home parks, or private land you own or intend to purchase. So, rather than explaining how to find the best location for your park model homes, this essay will concentrate on how to make the location you have work for you.

1. Select a model that will match your site and, if necessary, prioritize views or privacy.

If you haven’t decided on a Park model homes model yet, think about the location and how it will affect your daily life. Consider the following:

  1. Will I have privacy on the site, or will I be surrounded by neighbors?
  2. Does the location offer beautiful scenery?
  3. What is the weather like?

A type with large windows, such as the Athens Champion- APH 527, is ideal for picturesque areas with plenty of solitude.

However, if you will be living next to other people, a more enclosed type like the Athens 531 may be preferable.

A type like this one, with its slanted roof, is especially ideal for a location that gets a lot of rain or snow.

2. If possible, locate your residence in the shade.

If feasible, try to situate your house under some shade throughout the summer to gain some natural cooling. You have a choice between many locations, go for one with one or more trees, a high rock wall, or another source of shade throughout the day.

3. Think about orienting windows away from the sun.

Speaking of remaining cool, if your park model has a wall of windows, you may want to place it such that the amount of direct sunshine that floods through them during the day is minimized.

This will prevent the windows from serving as a greenhouse wall and trapping heat.

4. Position the home so that you may enjoy scenic vistas.

When you have a house like our Athens-Silvercrest ATH-06 and a gorgeous location, you should check whether it is feasible to situate your home on the landscape so that you can stare out your huge windows at those magnificent views every day.

5. Make use of the wind for natural cooling.

Our Timber Ridge Everglades is seen here. As you can see, the huge doors and windows in this house allow for a cross-breeze.

It is normal for the wind to blow in a certain direction at some locations. This may be the case if you have a position near the sea, for example.

If you have a choice in how to orient your house, you may position it such that the wind blows directly through it from one side to the other.

6. Select the proper sort of foundation.

Another factor to consider when choosing a park model house site is the foundation on which your home will be built.

You should check with your local authority to find out what the laws are for park model house foundations.

In other circumstances, the restrictions may be exceedingly precise, and you will only have one foundation choice. In others, you may have many possibilities, at which time you may analyze the site as well as your goals and requirements to choose the best sort of foundation.

7. As required, install fence or privacy plants to make your outside area useful and attractive.

Finally, we’ve discussed how the precise site you choose for your location, as well as the orientation of your house on the landscape, may effect your living experience within the home. What about your outside areas?

Making the most of your outside areas is as easy as creating anything you want with your landscaping if you own your own private property.

If you want to live in a mobile home park, you should begin by researching the park guidelines.

Within those guidelines, if it is practicable for you to take measures to enhance your privacy, you should do so.

Many newbies to RV and mobile home park living are taken aback by how close they live to their neighbors and how obvious their activities are to other residents.

However, with a fence or some shrubs acting as a privacy screen, you may create a more private ambiance when sitting on your porch or using your yard.

Take Advantage of Your Park Model Home Site

That concludes our suggestions! Taking the time to consider how you will position your park model house and sprucing up your outside area can help you make the most of your park model home location. You will like the little life whether you live in a mobile home park or on an isolated piece of private property.

Need assistance deciding on the best park model house for your property? Please fill out our contact form or call us right away.

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