The Essential UK Wedding Planner’s Guide

Hannah Baker
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Commencing a career as a wedding planner needs to have nitty gritty information about the wedding planning process. Planning dreamy weddings isn’t so breezy. As it needs complete focus, full-on attention and multitasking capabilities. Couples are very sensitive about their big days & they want to have everything beyond their expectations and dreams. This is the reason wedding planning is not a piece of cake. 

One must need to be punctual, responsible, creative and inventive in order to be a top-notch UK wedding planner. Not only does it end here but wedding planners also must be problem-solving. These are a few sorts of qualities which every wedding planner should possess. In this blog, you will get complete detail and ideas for hassle-free weddings.

You can get on the right track even if you have decided to plan your wedding yourself. You are in the fantasy world, your heart is booming, your mind is wandering and your chicks are blushing but now what next? To know where to start and how to finish, read till the end.

Arrange a Meeting With a Client

The first & foremost step which is for every wedding planner is to know the vision and the style of their client. They need to have detailed meetings in which they can communicate effectively to organize an outstanding wedding reception. They must know the type of theme, playlist and style their client expects from them. This session’s prime goal is to listen to the client effectively and get their ideas to prepare the wedding planning draft accordingly.

Set a Budget

The other fundamental step is to set a budget. It is obvious money talks and matters a lot. To organize the wedding, one must need to be clear on the size of the budget to pursue the planning process. The budget defines the services you are going to take and the spending you are going to allocate for different parts of the wedding.

Make a Planning Draft

When you get to know about all the details your client wants to have at their wedding reception, you need to make a draft of the wedding planning process according to the vision and the style of your client. Remember to make it personalize to make it match the mind of the client.

Determine a Guest List

Next, you need to help out the couple to make their guest list. Remember the guest list depends on the amount of the budget they have.

Set a Date 

The selection of dates matters a lot. The date time and venue you select must be feasible for the guests who are invited to ensure everyone comes and the event goes smoothly and well.

Choose Venue

Choose a venue that fits your wedding theme and budget. Consider the size of the venue, decorations, and other amenities. 

Important Note for Wedding Planner to Contact Vendors

Scroll the vendors you have on your list to schedule meetings with the vendors to ask them about their offered services and take with them the initial quote.

Wedding Planner Need to Hire Vendors

When you are done with the meetings with vendors and once you have a venue and guest list, begin to hire vendors and services for the wedding. This includes photographers, caterers, florists, musicians, and other professionals.

Set Up a Theme

There is always approved by the client and it is also interlinked with the venue you have booked. To know about themes that could possibly be added to an elegant wedding, our Rustic Romance, Glamorous Garden, Bohemian Bliss, Vintage Chic, Winter Wonderland, Industrial Elegance, Beachside Bliss, Under the Stars, Southern Charm and Enchanted Forest.

Take Regular Follow-Ups

Create a timeline for the wedding that outlines when tasks need to be completed. This will help ensure that everything is done on time. Take regular feedback to avoid communication barriers and mismanagement.

Make Last Minute Calls

To ensure everything is going right and on time, you as a wedding planner need to make last-minute calls to the vendors and decorators. This also helps you to avoid troublesome moments and panic situations.

Be Tactful in Trouble

Problem-solving is the most important and above all because it helps to manage the uncertain situation which happens at the last minute. For this case, you make beforehand backup plans. In case there are issues, you must follow the backup plans.


If you follow the steps, make a checklist, do proper planning, and take follow-ups then you are narrowing down the possibilities of blunder and you may Enjoy the Success of the event.

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