Logo Design Inspiration: 10 Creative Ideas to Consider

Hannah Baker
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Logo design can require a great deal of creativity and imagination. It can be stressful and sometimes even tedious to create a good creative, and original logo design.

Luckily for you, If you happen to deal with this issue, then worry no more, for I have compiled a list of 10 creative ideas that you, as a logo designer, should consider when creating a logo, So, without further ado, the following are 10 logo design ideas that you should consider:

Begin by Establishing Your Brand Identity

The role of a creative logo is to represent a firm, yet it cannot encompass all of a company’s attributes. A logo is merely one element of a company’s overall brand identity, which develops from its brand story.  Spend some time considering your company’s mission, who it serves, how and where it will make a significant difference, and why it does what it does.

You may develop a successful brand strategy and well-considered images and messages by asking yourself these questions. These will help you reinforce the significance of your imaginative logo design and eventually make it unforgettable.

Recognize the Opposition

Studying the logos of companies both inside and outside of your industry is a terrific approach to hone your own creative design concepts and seek out the most creative logo design inspiration.

Consider basic, original logos and consider whether they exhibit the six elements of effective logo design. How do they differ if not, and if so, how? Do you notice any similarities among the logos of the businesses in your niche?

If this is the case, consider how you may break from the pack and set yourself out with unique logo ideas.

Always keep an eye on the competitors, both for advice regarding what to do and what to avoid doing. Your competitors usually have similar corporate objectives to yours, so you should take into account that many of the features are used in their logos.

Consider the prominence of blue in bank logos, for instance. The color blue symbolizes trust, which is constantly a primary concern for a business asking for customers’ money.

It’s also worthwhile to look at the logos of your rivals to determine how you can stand out the most. If you can attract the attention of customers on the store shelves, sometimes moving in the opposite direction of your competitors is the ideal strategy for generating sales.

Utilize Social Media

Social media can be useful if you’re seeking a tonne of inspiration for any topic. The best visual venues for logo inspiration are Instagram and Pinterest since you may view numerous logo ideas on your screen at once.

This greatly facilitates browsing and comparing. Don’t forget to focus your logo research by following particular Pinterest boards or utilizing hashtags.

Finding logo inspiration on social media might be a terrific way to get ideas simply because there are so many different options, but there are also some negatives.

To uncover the jewels, you’ll undoubtedly have to sift through a lot of amateurish designs. Of course, you may always look to amateur designers for logo inspiration, but it might be difficult to weed out the worse creations.

Roam the Aisles of Stores

Remember to look at “offline” logo inspiration sources like store shelves. A logo can be seen on every single box or bag, and the store is the greatest place to see them all at once.

If you’re at a loss for inspiration, browse the aisles of your industry’s stores, supermarkets, or malls. They resemble a buffet of popular logos.

Even better, you get to view them in their “natural environment,” allowing you to observe how different colors and typefaces appeal to the eye in person vs. on a screen.

Practice Simplicity

You could think it needs to be complicated because your brand’s identity is built on your great, original logo but try to jam as many concepts and components into this tiny sign in an effort to come up with something novel. You should actually be doing the exact opposite.

If you’ve done your research and examined the logos of numerous firms to come up with original ideas for business logo designs, you are aware that the finest logos tend to be the ones that are the most straightforward.

For a very long time, simplicity has been the rage in modern graphic design and, consequently, logo design.

The most inventive straightforward logos enable a viewer to instantly recognize and memorize it long after they initially came into contact with it. The ability of the logo to function in a range of applications, from digital to print, is another advantage of simplicity in creative logo design.

Your logo may likely lose its integrity when scaled if it contains a lot of lines, colors, gradients, and small details. Try to fit your design inside a one-inch square to test it, then evaluate the outcomes.

Celebrate Colors

The use of vibrant colors has long dominated logo design. And for a good reason—color has a significant psychological impact that must be taken into account.

You should be aware of the effects that the colors you pick will have on your target market and choose corporate logo colors that will elicit good responses from them.

Keep an eye on how color is employed and consider the message you want to convey when choosing colors for your branding and logo design as you search for interesting, original logo ideas.

Use Typography Creatively

The innovative use of typography has seen many firms abandon image-based and text-and-image logos in favor of entirely text-based logos, making it one of the most interesting trends in modern and original concepts for logos.

With this kind of logo, the company’s whole name, monogram, and initial is creatively represented through typography. Text-based logos are a fantastic choice for a company with a reasonably short name since they make the name known and make it simple to connect the logo with the brand.

In text-and-image logos, typographic experimentation may also be used to substitute letters in the company name with appropriate items while keeping the name recognizable, as in the inventive, unique logo examples below. Experimentation can also result in the creation of fresh typographic forms, the incorporation of photos, the alteration of already-existing typefaces, and more.

Utilize The Empty/Negative Space

Looking for innovative logo design ideas? It takes a certain level of talent to utilize negative space in new and creative ways. The background area between and around a logo symbol is known as negative space.

For instance, if your logo features two birds perched on a branch, just the form of the birds as well as the branch constitute positive space; everything else is negative space.

Get Playful

Having fun when designing your logos will always be appreciated by your target market. Even if companies that cater to children are a natural fit for playful logos, that doesn’t mean that those companies are the only ones that could gain from incorporating playful elements into their logo designs.

True, not every business will benefit from this strategy. A variety of other organizations would benefit from using their stylish logos to convey a preference for lightheartedness and fun. If you’re a legal or financial company, for instance, you might want to avoid this style notion.

Visit Art Museums

While graphic design alone has recently been used in marketing, the aesthetic concepts it is based on have been around for as long as art has. Your digital smartphone app’s ideal logo inspiration could be found in a Renaissance artwork, Buddhist statue, or ancient African vase.

Some art museums have a strong sense of inspiration. Everywhere you turn, you are surrounded by the tens of thousands of years of artistic brilliance. You’ll also get some exercise to improve your imagination, much like when you walk around stores.


Now that we’ve reached the end of this article, you should have plenty of inspiration from the creative ideas to fuel you for any future logo design endeavors. There are multiple other logo designers who you could take inspiration from as well if you ever feel in need of any.

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