Understand Why Students Avoid Academic Writing

Hannah Baker
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In the modern education system, it is common for students to loathe and avoid academic writing. Many students believe that it takes too long. Because so many pieces have to be put together, some find writing extremely tedious. Readers who need help with writing/reading also often submit texts that are too short or difficult to read. Such students can become targets for misunderstanding, a problem that becomes much worse in later classes.

In this blog, we will talk about why students fear writing;

Reasons to Avoid Writing

ü  Struggle to get going and have a sense of impending doom.

ü  Need help with writing techniques and paper organisation/structure.

ü  Ineffective and slow when finding the right word or words to convey a thought.

ü  Need help to let their ideas flow (poor idea generation).

ü  Find it challenging to organise their thoughts and write them down on paper.

ü  Think writing on paper is a long and tedious task.

ü  Believe that their work never turns out as they had hoped.

ü  Though they have put a lot of time and effort into the work, they think it is poorly written.

ü  These children have significant problems with basic processing as they are dysgraphia.

ü  Due to their dyslexia, they are inferior at spelling and have difficulty automatically using the mechanics of writing.

There are various other reasons why a student may shy away from academic writing tasks such as essays and reports, but most have to do with the idea that writing is not entertaining. It is challenging to combine the various talents needed to inspire enthusiasm for writing when writing lacks meaning. Many Paid Report Writing, dissertations writing services, help students with their academic projects, but this is not a solution.

How to Improve Writing Skills?

One should improve his writing skills. Writing helps students strengthen their writing skills because it gives them the courage to continue writing and hone their craft. Students’ enthusiasm for writing and their perception of writing as a meaningful activity can be increased by using different modalities. To ensure that students develop these skills automatically, exploring lower-level skills is essential. No matter the topic’s interest, writing remains a chore, and some students see the writing process as a danger.

For these students, reducing their dissatisfaction, difficulty, and sense of danger is the most important goal. The learner should be able to master the vast majority of writing expression tasks if the automaticity developed through metacognitive awareness of the writing process and the use of specific methods is paired with developing skills and workarounds. The next step is to incorporate meaning and purpose to inspire joy in writing.


The art of academic writing is demanding. It is, therefore, understandable that a significant number of academics dread it. Academic writing is integral to an academic’s life and enables them to communicate their subject knowledge professionally.

Therefore, one should be persistent in solving all problems that may arise in academic writing. In the end, academic writing will be a valuable skill for them.

Students can always turn to online dissertation, essay or Report Writing Services to help with their academic writing projects.

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