Top 10 Biggest Online Marketplaces in Europe

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Zalando shopping store - Top e-commerce stores in Europe

The top 10 biggest online marketplaces in Europe 2023.

Most of you have been asking us about online shopping sites in Europe. For example, What is the largest eCommerce company in Europe? And What are the most popular and largest e-commerce players in Europe?

If you have been looking out to know more about the biggest online marketplaces in Europe, then you are in the right place. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best online stores or the biggest online marketplaces in Europe in 2023.

To begin, Europe has the biggest and most dominant marketplaces for SMEs. There are numerous online marketplaces in Europe based on figures and the number is growing. Online marketplaces are relatively new in Europe – only a few of them exist in other parts of the world – and they’re evolving right before our eyes.

Certainly, Europe has an incredibly diverse and highly-competitive ecosystem of online marketplaces. With the growth of e-commerce, Europe remains the second largest market in the world after North America and accounts for around 11% of global retail e-commerce sales.

Biggest European online marketplaces

The biggest European online marketplaces are Amazon and eBay, but thousands of other small sellers have now created their websites to sell products directly to buyers.

Perhaps some of the most promising new companies in this sector, and surely the ones that have made the greatest innovations, are the ones that focus on online classified ads for buying and selling cars, for example, Autobild, AutoScout24, CarGarantie, and AvtoFaktory (AvtoMarket).

Who are the largest eCommerce players Europe?

Amazon and eBay are now the top and largest e-commerce players in Europe. Besides, they also lead the market share in the US as well as in the UK.

How many eCommerce companies are there in Europe?

There are several European e-commerce companies that are not on our list below. Currently, we have 439 online stores or marketplaces in Europe that are the best for its consumers.

Amazon is the leading online marketplace, with almost one billion visits per month. Even though Europe and the USA are comparable in size in terms of both GDP and population, Amazon in the USA has more than 2 billion visits per month.

eBay is the second biggest online marketplace in Europe, with 37% of Amazon’s European traffic. This is because eBay is significantly behind Amazon in every major country in Europe’s e-commerce industry.

Cdiscount France

On the other hand,  Cdiscount is the best and most popular online shopping site in France. Most importantly, Cdiscount receives over 8 million active buyers and also, about 18 million unique monthly visits.

Certainly, with its broad reach and active shoppers, Cdiscount is absolutely the best marketplace if you are considering the French market.

Nevertheless, Cdiscount displays over 40 product classifications, ranging from clothes, furniture, electronics, and food, to home appliances.

Today, Cdiscount operates not only in France but also in other European countries like Germany, Belgium, and Italy. According to Ugwire reports, Cdiscount records over €900 million in annual sales.

Some of the products that sell the most in Europe include apparel, jewelry, fashion accessories (bags, scarves, etc), and footwear.

So, which are the most popular online marketplaces in Europe? Below, we developed a list of the top and largest online marketplaces in Europe for the current year 2023. Have a look at the list of our most recent findings beneath;

Top 10 biggest online marketplaces in Europe

  1. Amazon in Europe.
  2. eBay in Europe.
  3. Wildberries Russia. Wildberries is an online shopping site in Russia.
  4. Allegra in Poland.
  5. Zalando in Europe. Zalando is also one of the top and biggest online marketplaces in Europe today.
  6. Ozon in Russia.
  7. online stores in Netherlands & Belgium.
  8. eMAG in Eastern Europe.
  9. OTTO shopping site in German. It’s the most visited shopping site in German after Amazon. And lastly on the list of the most popular online marketplaces in Europe,
  10. in France. It’s the most popular shopping platform or website in France.


Undoubtedly, the European Union is the second-largest e-commerce market in the world today, with total online retail sales of $500 billion annually. This is with the exclusion of the United Kingdom as per Ugwire on the e-commerce industry in Europe.

Ultimately, In a digital world, where e-commerce is becoming ever more widespread, online marketplaces are platforms on which many different parties trade for mutual benefit.

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