5 Amazing Facts about Topaz Jewelry

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A Brief Introduction to Topaz Gemstone

Are you interested to know some amazing facts about the Topaz gemstone? Then, you should be happy, as there is no dearth of information about this amazing semi-precious gemstone.

Topaz gemstones mostly come in brown and blue hues, but there are a lot of color variations available in this regard. That is why diverse ranges of Topaz Jewelry collections are available for today’s fashion-conscious individuals to help them take their beauty, appearance, elegance, and style statement to the next level.

Did you know the majority of people get confused between Topaz and other gemstones, such as smoky quartz and citrine? Being considered November’s birthstone, Topaz is popularly used to manufacture spectacular birthstone accessories. In other words, the demand and popularity of Topaz Jewelry are considered evergreen in the world.

If Topaz suits you, then you can check out topaz jewelry wholesale collections to buy your favorite Topaz jewelry pieces at a budget-friendly cost. Do you know that red is the most precious color for natural Topaz gemstones?

In addition, red Topaz is extremely rare, as less than only 1% of all Topaz gemstones come with this kind of shade. These Topaz gemstones showing a mesmerizing reddish-orange tone are popularly regarded as Imperial Topaz. The initial sources of these rare Topaz gemstones were Russia’s Ural Mountains and Brazil. Did you know ancient people used to consider Topaz as the largest diamond in the world?

5 Interesting Facts about Topaz Jewelry

Since Topaz jewelry pieces are made of Topaz gemstones, it is time to talk about five amazing facts about this semi-precious gemstone:

The Rarest Form of Topaz is Red

You already know that less than 1% of Topaz gemstones are available in reddish-orange shades. And this gorgeous Imperial Topaz comes in mesmerizing pink undertones overlooking orange tones.

Did you know Imperial Topaz had been placed in Russia’s crown jewels in the 18th as well as 19th centuries? That is how it got its beautiful name “Imperial Topaz.” And you already know about the sources of Imperial Topaz. Did you know Imperial Topaz is also considered a “23rd marriage anniversary gift?”

Topaz Represents Love and Fidelity

Did you know Blue Topaz was used to represent or symbolize love and loyalty throughout Victorian times? In addition, this semi-precious gemstone also features a range of other positive traits, such as strength, intelligence, fidelity, and amity. That is why Topaz makes an ideal gift for one’s near and dear ones, who have compatibility with this gemstone.

Needless to say, all these positive qualities of Topaz have made it one of the most popular semi-precious gemstones for making incredible pieces of jewelry. It marks the importance of Topaz Jewelry in the world of jewelry and the soaring demand and popularity of the same are enough testament in this regard.

Topaz is used to manufacture exquisite and unique ornaments and accessories, such as statement rings, bracelets, necklaces, and so on.

Topaz and Quartz are not the same

Did you know ancient people used to consider all golden-colored gemstones “Topaz?” Even gemstones, including Smokey Quartz, Golden Citrine, or Peridot were considered as Topaz gemstones.

Nonetheless, the aforementioned gems are not the same as Topaz although it is too difficult to differentiate them from Topaz with bare eyes. Especially differentiating between Golden Topaz and Golden Citrine is extremely difficult.

However, advancements in science have made it possible to distinguish Topaz from other similar gemstones. It is also true that Topaz is considered much superior in terms of variety and unique charm as compared to other similar gemstones.

Checking out topaz wholesale jewelry collections enables individuals to purchase exquisite Topaz ornaments at affordable costs and lets them have some unique jewelry collections at their disposal.

Topaz is available in a Rainbow of Beautiful Colors

The majority of gemstone enthusiasts are only familiar with brown-colored Topaz gemstones. However, in reality, Topaz is available in various other shades as well, such as red, purple, pink, yellow, green, orange, and blue.

Did you know these natural-colored and best-in-class-quality Topaz gemstones can give tough competition to high-quality and exquisite Sapphire in terms of value and beauty?

Topaz was considered to be a Gemstone for Health

Ancient people used to wear Topaz to address diverse ailments, such as anxiety, diabetes, low immunity, joint pains, muscle cramps, and so on. Other than physical disorders, Topaz was also believed to cure psychological ailments.

All gemstone lovers, who have compatibility with Topaz, should start exploring topaz jewelry wholesale today.

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