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If you are looking for comprehensive EHR Software, Medical Billing and Practice Management Suite, then Sunrise Allscripts is the right choice. This EHR is a fully rated solution for ambulatory practices recorded by KLAS Research in 2014. 

This EHR enables ambulatory providers to streamline workflows throughout every stage of patient care. It also helps them track vital processes related to referrals, medications, current orders, and documents while ensuring safety at all times. 


Sunrise Ambulatory Care by Allscripts EHR Software is an all-inclusive Electronic Health Records (EHR) software, medical billing, and practice management suite that helps ambulatory practices streamline their workflows through every stage of patient care. It was rated as a fully rated ambulatory solution by KLAS in 2014. 

The software is available either on-premises or as a cloud-based application and offers both desktop and mobile access. It also has APIs that allow you to integrate with other EHR systems and business systems. 

It is an all-inclusive ambulatory care solution that combines clinical guidance with highly configurable workflows. It can help ambulatory providers improve patient safety and quality while delivering efficient processes and accurate documentation. 

There are several features that the software offers, including integrated medication management and a radiology module that enables doctors and radiologists to cooperate in a paperless environment, streamlining decision-making and reducing treatment time. It can also be used to share patients’ real-time information about medications and well-being with physicians and pharmacists. 

In addition, the system offers a comprehensive emergency department information system that can help organizations increase throughput and impact their financial and clinical outcomes. It also helps stabilize nurse-to-patient staff levels, and it can help manage operational efficiency by identifying problems before they occur. 

The platform is also a good choice for small and mid-sized practices that want to improve their profitability and reduce costs. Can improve reimbursements and streamline processes that take place during billing cycles. It also has a feature that allows clients to determine facility-level fees and charge accordingly. Help them save money while maintaining compliance with Medicare and Medicaid requirements. 

Another key feature of the software is its ability to automatically trace a patient’s medications and alert the pharmacies about any drug-to-drug or drug-to-allergy interactions that may occur. This can help the physician avoid drug errors and ensure the patient’s safety at all times. 

The Allscripts Sunrise charting system is a Windows-based solution that can be implemented on-premises or as a hosted service. It also has an iOS app that can be accessed through the Sunrise EHR portal. 


Allscripts EHR Software has a wide array of tools for healthcare organizations to use in order to maintain patient records. It also helps them in other processes like scheduling, prescribing and billing. The company offers customizable training sessions and support for its products. 

Allscripts Sunrise is an ambulatory electronic health record system that can be used by hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organizations. Includes a single, connected and integrated patient record that improves care coordination and enhances quality measures. Considered to be a leading healthcare technology solution. 

Easy to use and can help you save time by enabling you to view clinical, financial and care coordination information on demand. Also customizable and supports a number of different languages. 

You can get a demo of the Sunrise Ambulatory Care software to find out how it works before making a decision to purchase it. It is fully ONC-ATCB certified and fully compliant with MACRA and Meaningful Use. It also allows users to have complete privacy of medical data. 

The platform offers a range of features, including patient history, e-prescription, scheduling, voice recognition and clinical workflow. It also offers business intelligence, reporting and analytics to improve patient care. In addition, it includes templates for multiple medical specialties to cater to the needs of different healthcare organizations. It is also HIPAA compliant and provides complete privacy of medical data. 

According to KLAS, Sunrise Ambulatory Care is a top-rated EHR for measuring and managing outcomes, facilitating physician-patient interaction and seeing patients in a timely manner. It also was rated as the best ambulatory EHR vendor by Black Book Rankings in 2014. 

Allscripts is an industry leader in the healthcare field and has been in the industry for 30 years. It is known for its expertise in population health and precision medicine. The cost of Allscripts EHR varies depending on the type of service and plan that you choose. It can be expensive for smaller practices, but it is worth it for large medical centers or those who require specialized solutions. 


Ambulatory care has become a critical part of healthcare delivery, and hospitals and health systems are looking for software solutions that can help them stay at the forefront of innovation while navigating regulatory changes. These software solutions must provide an easy-to-use interface for both patients and clinicians. 

Sunrise Ambulatory Care by Allscripts EHR Software is a comprehensive Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution that can help hospitals and health systems manage all aspects of their ambulatory operations, from patient registration to discharge. This EHR, which was rated as a fully rated ambulatory solution in 2014 by KLAS Research, streamlines ambulatory workflows with features. 

Allscripts offers several different ambulatory EHR solutions that are geared towards improving physician-patient interaction and delivering quality care. They vary in cost-effectivity, focus, integration and additional offerings like patientNOW EMR. 

Integrated Clinical and Financial Data, For More Reliable Performance – Allscripts Sunrise EHR software is HIPAA-compliant and integrates all clinical and financial information to improve performance and ensure patient safety. It also offers an intuitive, tablet-based user interface that provides a familiar and consistent experience for users, from registration to discharge. 

Advanced Medication Management, For Safer Care – Allscripts Sunrise is the only EHR solution with integrated medication management capabilities that can share real-time information about a patient’s medications with physicians and pharmacists to improve medication compliance. It also enables radiologists and physicians to collaborate in a paperless environment, which reduces treatment time and enhances patient outcomes. 

A Safe Choice for Specialty Organizations – Allscripts Sunrise is an open, scalable platform that connects all clinical and financial aspects of a hospital or health system across inpatient, ambulatory and emergency care venues. Its comprehensive suite of solutions provides the foundation for continuous client and developer innovation that evolves as regulatory workflows change. 

These cloud-based and mobile-first solutions are designed to optimize physician-patient interaction, charting, and decrease burdensome administrative tasks for healthcare organizations of all sizes. They offer a wide range of applications, including point-of-care coordination, care analytics and more. Allscripts also offers an interdisciplinary and advanced clinical solution, Sunrise Acute Care, that allows teams to embed protocols and desired practices into their workflows for coordinated care. 


Allscripts offers various types of support to clients, including online community forums, email support and phone support. The company also has 1,400 services professionals available to assist with technical questions and training issues. 

Allscripts Sunrise is an EHR system that connects all aspects of healthcare for inpatient, emergency and ambulatory care. It can accommodate the complexities of changing regulatory workflows and works with revenue-generating partnerships such as ACOs. 

The Sunrise EHR software includes a wide variety of tools and functionality, including e-prescriptions that allow pharmacies to trace medication history and provide alerts for drug-to-drug interactions. The software also includes a patient portal that lets patients access their medical records and reports on the go. 

In addition, the software provides a centralized interface. That allows doctors and nurses to access medical reports, prescriptions and charting data from one intuitive platform. This is a useful feature for both physicians and nurses. Since it allows them to stay up to date on patients’ vital signs. It also allows them to make better decisions about their treatment plans. 

Allscripts Sunrise Ambulatory Care by Allscripts EHR Software is a good option for ambulatory practices. Because it provides a centralized interface that allows physicians to view current charts and trend information on a single screen. Moreover, the Sunrise Ambulatory Care software is easy to use and doesn’t require much training. This is because of its templates and intuitive design. 

Sunrise Ambulatory Care by Allscripts is compatible with several other EHR solutions. Including NextGen, MEDITECH, and GE Healthcare’s (GE) Epic Electronic Health Records. It is a good choice for small practices that need a comprehensive, affordable solution. 

Allscripts Sunrise is an integrated, scalable platform. That is capable of handling all the clinical and financial aspects of a hospital or health system. Its open APIs give client organizations the ability to adapt their systems as regulations and affiliations change. In addition, it is a great choice for hospitals that are transitioning to accountable care. 

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