Top 8 Fueling Products and How They Make Our Lives Easier

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The name petroleum stands tall among the most commonly-used phrases in the world. It’s that way for two major reasons. Firstly, petroleum is irreplaceable in today’s date, and secondly, it plays a significant role in our lives. 

Petroleum refers to the crude oil that’s drilled through oil wells, either onshore or offshore. Decades ago, ancient civilisations like Sumerians and Egyptians lowered the price of petroleum for the first time, and the rest were history. 

It’s been driving the world’s economy for years. Numerous petroleum product suppliers in the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries supply petroleum all over the world.

Surely, you might be familiar with the potential of petroleum, but only some know the correct uses of it. Below, we’ll list some of the most popular petroleum products and how they’ve been a major relief for mankind.

Petrol and Diesel

Petrol and diesel often go hand in hand due to their functional similarity. Not only do they make a prevalent form of petroleum products, but they prevail over no alternatives. 

Whether you own a car, truck, motorbike, or any vehicle, you’ll surely need fuel to run it. And that’s where petrol or diesel steps in.

Aviation Turbine Fuel

Aviation Turbine Fuel, or ATF, comes in handy for cargo and fighter jet fuel. We achieve this resource by blending petrol with other components to make it fuel-worthy for the aviation industry. 

Since aircraft move at a higher speed than other vehicles, the fuel helps them quickly reach one destination to another. 


As much as it sounds unfamiliar, kerosene plays a huge role in our kitchen as it contributes to cooking and other heating purposes. 

Some countries also use it as a solvent for painting materials and other chemicals. In fact, there are places where kerosene has completely replaced cooking gases. 

As mentioned, kerosene is an important element in forming Aviation turbine fuel. 

Fuel Oil

Next, we’ve fuel oil that’s mandatory to light up lamps, heaters, stoves, lanterns, engines, and everything we regularly consume. 

Another cause for being the most precious petroleum product is the energy source it provides for boilers and furnaces in industries. 

You might be glad to know that it also aids in juicing machinery for farming, mining, quarrying, etc. 


Although mainly infused in weapons, it’s also extremely flammable and considered a condensed, high-density product. 

This product has been restricted to professionals and can be used only under surveillance. 

Napalm is a petroleum-based explosive in defence products, particularly bombs and explosions. Incendiary bombs prefer napalm as it instantly catches fire and spreads rapidly wherever it’s dropped. 


Isn’t it funny that you encounter polyurethane almost daily without realising its presence? It’s a basic substance of foam that goes into your mattress and pillows. 

Polyurethane releases off-gas and compounds in the air. You breathe on these compounds when sleeping on the mattress. 

Therefore, not everyone knows that petroleum derivatives also help in manufacturing polyurethane. But rest assured, as it’s harmless and wouldn’t affect your health. 


The debit card or credit card in your wallet or the phone case covers you change like outfits are among the countless things made of plastic. 

In case you’re ignorant, plastic is also a petrochemical product. It’s made when refining crude oil by blending other chemicals to form pellets. 

Later, these pallets get converted to plastic, which we utilise further. However, it’s advised not to dump it post-usage, but to try to make something creative out of it.  


We all know polyester a clothing substance that we put on daily. Modern clothing combines cotton and polyester fabric to grant a wrinkle and crease-free outfit. As polyester highly contributes to the textile industry, it’s a widely used petroleum product.

Final Verdict

With that, it’s easy to absorb the growing demand for petrochemical products worldwide. Even life can be unpredictable, but the constant need for petroleum was predicted ages ago. Surprisingly, the impact of the products mentioned above in our lives makes petrochemical traders in Dubai streamline their operations and upscale their services. That’s why it’s important to cherish this valuable resource and make the most of it for our betterment. 

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