The Quickest Way to Get Rich With Benefits of Lifeguard Swimming Certification

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feguardiSynchronized Swimming: An aquatic ballet sport of the body, which requires great strength, great agility and flexibility, grace and beauty, coordination, musicality and artistic expression.

What is Lifeguard swimming Certification?

Currently, the  synchronized lifeguard swimming Certification is made up of women , although in some championships they allow men to enter.

This type of sport allows aerobic and physical resistance to prevail, making it possible to maintain a routine together.

It is also an exercise performed to the rhythm of music by acrobats both under and out  of water. As you know, any kind of  exercise in water is always beneficial , it tones every millimeter of muscles, producing better physical work in the long run.

Artistic Swimming: An Acclaimed Sport

The  graceful movements , the  beauty of the  artist or  the peculiarities of the clothing , which in most cases make them a work of art, synchronized lifeguard Certification swimming is one of the most beautiful sports to watch.

Fernando Omolon visits the Bel Casablanca Stadium to discover why science considers synchronized swimming an extreme sport.

What is synchronized swimming for?

A very thorough sport, synchronized swimming is very tiring and requires a lot of physical strength from its swimmers.

Synchronized  swimming  is a judged discipline that combines gymnastics, dance and swimming. Develop flexibility, endurance, creativity, heart, concentration and team spirit.

What are the health benefits of artistic swimming?

As a combination of swimming, dance and gymnastics, artistic swimming offers a real variety of activities.

Whether you want to improve your core strength and flexibility, find a creative outlet for choreography and dance, or try a new way to have fun and make friends in the water.

It’s a great way to stay in shape and it’s not just for women.

Benefits of synchronized swimming as a physical-recreational option

Synchronized swimming is one of the most beautiful sports in existence, so it is valued not only for the way different movements are performed, but also for the complexity of its actions, which is a real spectacle.

But sometimes sports can have a negative effect on your body: knee pain, muscle pain, back pain, etc.  So, swimming works without affecting your joints.

Sport is a great help for osteoarthritis

While artistic swimming helps you become flexible and agile in all aspects of the sport, whether on land or in the pool, athletes suffering from arthritis and other related conditions have seen great improvement after taking up the sport.

Well, this sport helps you work on the range of your joints and relieve pain.

Increased aerobic capacity

Increased aerobic capacity: Tests also show that synchronized swimmers are second only to distance runners in aerobic capacity thanks to the fact that you can hold your breath for longer periods of time when active.

Also expand your lung capacity which helps with lung conditions like asthma.

Increased muscle strength

Increased muscle strength occurs through artistic swimming routines, which include turns, splits, toes and more; Namely, routine variety means you’re constantly isolating and exercising individual muscles.

Likewise, artistic swimmers cannot touch the bottom of the pool for lifts, so they must build their strength on land to perform gravity-defying lifts.

Keep in mind that in addition to constantly floating in the water while performing gravity-defying moves, when teammates lift each other, they don’t touch the bottom of the pool, so super core strength must be available.

Increased resistance

While elite athletes make the sport look easy, the conditioning of an artistic swimmer is intense as the constant movement increases resistance as athletes perform a full-body workout in each routine.

Artistic swimmers spend up to eight hours a day, six days a week, perfecting their technique.

Even at the amateur level, two hours a week of cross-training on land and in the pool can have a big impact on your endurance.

Synchronized swimming is one of the most energy consuming sports.

Of course, it is an ideal sport for weight control.

Increased confidence and teamwork skills.

Indeed, when we do a team sport that involves interacting with new people of all ages and completely different from each other, it often allows us to develop and enhance social skills.

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