Digital Dental Instruments USA for Treatment

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This article is about digital dental instruments in USA for dental treatment. One of the common machine is Dental CT, Panoramic X-ray, Digital MFP. In USA, clinic introduced a CT dental scanner in 2009, but in April 2020 we replaced it with a more sophisticated digital x-ray machine. This model has greatly improved the level of the sensor that receives X-rays and can reduce the amount of radiation for patients. At the same time, it has excellent image processing capabilities, which is useful for our research, and can share the situation with easy-to-understand images, including stereoscopic images, for patients.

Digital Laboratory Equipment

Dental Instruments USA and dental technicians are now experiencing a lot of change due to digitization and are changing to be able to do things that were not possible before. In 2019, he introduced digital equipment for technicians in our clinic and gradually increased the number of things that can be done with two technicians.
First, digital model reading devices (digital scanners for laboratories) and digital software for laboratories made it possible to create CAD (Computer Aided Design) laboratory objects using digital technology, and then create laboratory objects. from this arrangement. CAM (computer-aided modeling) is now possible with used equipment.

Erbium/YAG Laser

A laser treatment machine with a special effect on the surface of the teeth and soft tissue surfaces such as gums, treatment of cavities, removal of small tartar stuck to the root of the teeth, treatment and minor pain of mucous diseases. skin such as gums and stomatitis. active in different situations.

Carbon Dioxide Laser

It is effective in painless surgical procedures, the removal of the mucosal surface, the improvement of healing, the treatment of stomatitis, and the relief of pain in the temporomandibular joint.

Piezo Surgery

Piezo surgery is a device that cuts bone with special vibrations, while laser therapy works only on soft tissue and superficial tissue. Thanks to this device, treatments that require a large amount of bone tissue are now done efficiently and effectively. Active Water (Elbino).
Functional water containing sodium hypochlorite can be injected strongly and can kill almost all bacteria. It is not a medicine, but the water contains bactericidal electrolytes, so it is environmentally friendly. In our clinic, we use hand and finger cleaning equipment.

Electric Anesthesia Machine

This machine is a machine that uses an electric motor to control the injection speed. Surprisingly, it didn’t bother me when I shot it in such a way that a human could not do it. Some patients come to Pearl Dental because the injections are painless. Gap detector (Dianogudent)

It is an excellent product that detects the presence of space by emitting laser light and detecting its reflection. Made in Germany. It is more reliable than looking at it with your eyes or measuring it with a sharp instrument.
At Pearl Dental, we often use the value of this machine to judge whether to carve the first cavity or do a follow-up. digital x-ray machine

At Pearl Dental, all x-ray equipment is digital. By doing this, the X-ray radiation dose can be applied earlier. Also, since the image is displayed on the LCD screen, it is easy for patients to understand and be familiar.
In April 2020, we introduced a high performance CT X-ray machine. We are now able to wide area x-ray and stereoscopic CT images, so I think we can show patients information that is easy to understand.

Repeated Treatment

There are various machines that treat the root of the tooth, but the main one is the frequency treatment device. We use high-frequency waves to promote the healing of burn areas. To ensure the removal of dental nerves, to perform electrical work, etc.
Since we started to use advanced waves, it is possible to complete the root canal treatment at the same time, which used to take several times. electronic selection process

By digitizing appointments, receptionists at clinics can work while checking appointments in real time.
In addition to valuing patients’ time, they are proactive in responding to emergencies and contacting patients who expect emergency cancellations.

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